Robert Wilson

I have dreamed of being an artist (as cliché as that sounds) and telling stories with my illustrations since I was 10 years old. Once I felt that I had journeyed as far as I could by learning on my own, my then best friend, now wife  encouraged me to go to art school. After much searching I decided to enroll at the Academy of Art University.

I prefer to do my traditional illustrations in graphite and charcoal with some color if I feel it enhances the piece. A brief but memorable stint working at Harley-Davidson exposed me to Adobe Illustrator. My supervisor (awesome guy) gave me a crash course in Illustrator which lead to Photoshop then InDesign. I tend to gravitate towards monsters and comic/fantasy illustrations and I am starting to incorporate digital elements into my work. I want my work to tell some kind of story or narrative with just a little room for viewer interpretation.

My art style is always changing and evolving with the one constant being my attention to detail and trying desperately to transfer what is in my mind to the board. It is a constant struggle to recreate what is in my head, but that is the journey of the artist. You are never done, you are never a master because you have to always learn. I hope to get a reaction from the viewer, be it positive or negative as long as I get an honest reaction.

This is what I love to do.



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